Sunday, March 30, 2008

phuket, thailand

it was not in my plan to visit phuket. it happened tat 1 day my cousin text me inviting me to join her and her 2 frens for phuket trip. since my cousin is one of my biggest license to get permission from me i say yes! it was not easy to convince me mom to go for any trip with anyone tat she didnt know. who cares about my age...for her m still her lil gal tat really need a full protection :) yea i knew tat...she loves me and so do i...yer la manja mama hik hik

we set off on sunday 16 mar. we almost miss the flight. it was a nightmare. i felt relief once i finally sat in the flight. the journey was around 1 hour. the weather wuz gr8 when we arrived. from airport we took a cab to go to the patong beach in kathu disctric, one of the famous island in phuket. the journey around 40 mins coz the taxi driver cant find the place tat we r going to stay.
maklum la destinasi budget so accomodation pun budget. we stay in lamai apartment.
we just took 1 room sharing by 4. yup a bit crazy but since they gave king size bed...
for 4 ppl yg quite kurus ni jez nice...muat2 je :D

1st day...since sampai pun dah malam tu we just walk around the town. teruja sangat so penat pun x rasa. we met andy, 1 of the owner of the tour booth. he's a punjabi but born in phuket. he wore turban...looks weird when he speaks in thai...hahaha...looks funny actually. he recommend us all the nicest trip tat we can visits. so we chose 1 package cost rm160 a 1 day trip to 7 different island. the trip will be on the next day. we had our dinner almost 11pm.
dah letih giler pusing last we found a muslim restaurant. the dinner was quite expensive...lepas kira bahagi sumer...sorang makan malam je dalam 300 baht or rm30...nasi putih jer rm5. air buah rm10. cekik darah betul.

the next day, the pick up came around 8pm. the package includes transportation, breakfast and lunch. for lunch it was halal coz diorng cater from muslim cook. the trip was gr8. we went to Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, PI Leh Bay, Viking cave, Monkey beach and Khai Islands. One of the bay was appeared in The Beach starred by Leonardo. The scenary was gr8. Snorkeling also gr8. Then merasa bagi ikan makan dalam beach itself...punya la jinak...sumer datang dekat. Roti yang kita hulur kat tangan pun dia slamba jer sambar. First time ever i merasa macam mana dikelilingi macam-macam ikan dekat tengah laut. it was really great.

malam tu kitorang ronda lagi around patong beach area...we went to bangla street...1 of the most happening street in town. kat sini klu nak tengok pondan yang lawa dan sexy giler kat sini la. mak ai punyer la lawa....kalau silap2 tengok memang x bleh differentiate either ori or not :)

the next day...i wuz left alone. the others went for another island trip. m not joining coz m not feeling well...mabuk laut semalam x hilang lagi. i dont want things to get worse so i decide to stay. sedey gak la kena tinggal control macho heheh i ronda the whole town again alone. jalan buat slamba jer kan even not feeling so comfortable. kat sini yang x brape best...banyak sangat anjing merata2. memang horror betul bila jalan2 pastu tiba2 anjing muncul.

the last day there...we just ronda for 1 final round. flight around 3 pm. .

what i hv learnt...even so many things they said about HIV & AIDS tapi x semua orang peduli kat sini. for prostitute, diorg x rasa malu pun buat keje camtu. diorg rasa bangga esp bila mat saleh yg langgan diorg. for gays...they feel proud to walk around holding hands with their partner. what about the kids? they learnt so many negative things. they hv been exposed to so many social sickness kind of thing. alcohol, gay, prostitution....i just x faham apa yg manusia cari dari keseronokan yg camnie? really makes me think a lot...

even 4 days there...i miss kl so much. i miss me mom to the max. i dont know why. esp bila i kena tinggal sorang on the 3rd day there....i just remember mama. i miss all those food since kat sana asik makan roti jer. well...m proud to be msian :)

bangla street

tuk tuk

pening giler...mabuk laut...

patong beach town
part of the decent tee - the rest most of it are xxx so cant blog in here :)
look so real...hard to differentiate either ori or not :)

phuket airport....ready to go home...