Friday, November 30, 2007

alicia one...

tis one dedicated to the one who alwiz make me laugh...hahaha the drama king :D

Alicia Keys Lyrics

Thursday, November 29, 2007

spm...prinsip perakaunan...

i remembered when m going to take the spm 14 years back (sounds too old huh hehehe) me mom is the one who worried so much. of course she's worried coz her daughter look so selamba...didnt really do her revision hehehe...yup m kinda lazy at tat time...still i manage to get a kinda good result (in terms of my own definition haha)

last year & tis yr is different. i felt how me mom felt before since my students going to take their spm. i taught form 4 and form 5 prinsip perakaunan. at 1st i teach at tuition center...but then m not really satisfied with the unorganised management so m telling my students tat m not going to teach em anymore. surprisingly....they told me tat they still want me to teach them. so i told them if u still want my service then u need to find a place...and they did tat! form 5 students got the agreement from their parents to used their house and the form 4 student's mom called me personally and ask me to teach his son privately at their resident. tis is the beginning of my teaching career. after that i got another students by recommendation :)

so for last year....1 of my student got A1 and the other got A2 for their prinsip akaun paper :) m really proud of them. the A1 students now in UiTm pursuing degree in accounting and the A2 student in politech also pursuing in accounting. i remember when one of the student's mom came and meet me....she was telling me tat she's worried about her daughter performance. her results for trial was not so good. i told her tat her daughter was doing well. she manage to understand the thing tat i teach her and most important she did all the homeworks tat i gave. when talk about homework...hahaha...i gave them a lot...totally a lot. just like uni style. well it shows tat by doing extra exercise only they can manage to understand it more :)

tis year....the prinsip account paper was the last paper held yesterday. actually m worried with both of em. 1 gal and 1 boy. the gal case, her mom hired me only after she realised tat her daughter need help. her daughter didnt do well in her trial. so i got only 2 months to teach her everything...seems like her basic was not strong enough. tis is tough for me. the boy case, hmmm hard to teach boy actually. his concentration can last only 1/2 an hour. after tat he'll look bored or he'll start yawning hehehe he got so many tricks to make me stop. so what i did...i'll bring sweets for him to eat if he felt sleepy. i'll make jokes to make him alive. i'll give him impromptu question to make sure tat his brain is working so he wont felt sleepy. one about him, during the exams he always make careless mistake. so when we re-do the questions again he can did well. he told me tat...whenever m beside him, he felt confident. he said tat he wish he can bring me to be with him in the exam hall hahahaha...i told him, if u are allowed to bring me, then the hall will be full of teachers for each students since everyone will bring their teachers in :) anyway...i think it was sweet of him to feel the important of me ehehe.

yesterday i text him...i asked him hows everything...he told me tat all the question we spotted came out. he can do it but he's not sure whether it's correct or not. so i congrats him tat m glad to hear he can do it. just forgot about the answer coz the important thing he managed to do it.

now m the one who cant wait for the results...i wanna know how both of them doing. i just pray for their success...and whatever it is...they already make me proud :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bee Movie.....kes kena powwww!


bees..a wanna be :P

still...wanna be...bees :D

just action pose....

starbuck...the happy faces waitin for their ice blended...

hmm last week teringin sangat nak tengok Bee Movie. since xde gengkan...tactic kedua hehehe ajak la 3 hero ni cam biasa temankan. tapikan bila ajak diorang ni meaning aunty dia la kena blanje....tapi x kisahlah coz tiket for kids kat tgv kepong just rm5 jer kali 3 orang ...air + popocorn adalah dalam rm10 hahaha jadi akauntan ni memang x boleh lari dari mengira belanjawan hehehe

so the movie was ok la...tapi topik dia serius sket untuk budak2 kecik ni kan....sampai hero yg kecik sekali tu asik bisik2 masa dalam panggung, ' aunty bila citer ni nak abis?' jawapan standard aunty dia bagi, 'sikit lagi nak abis k,' hahaha padahal member dah boring giler tunggu bila nak abis. tapi mana bleh kluar camtu jer...rugi la dah bayar kan.

last2 abis kena tunggu bro in law fetch. sementara nak tunggu tu...ha time ni la diorang ajak posing. posing no extra charge kan. pastu...ha start la pastu dan dan plak dia haus padahal tadi dah minum coke dalam panggung beli 1 set dengan popcorn. ok la cian dia haus...xpe aunty x kisah. mula2 x kisah...pastu segala air kita tunjuk dia x nak....last2 bila tanya...'aunty kita nak minum ice blended kat starbuck' dengan muka kesian kan. weh sabar jer la...dia tau aunty mesti x sampai ati....huhuhu.....aunty kena pow kat starbuck...dapat la diorang ice blended chocolate.

anyway...m having great time going out with my 3 heros. diorang la my buah hati pengarang jantung :) sehari x jumpa pun dah winduuu ada 5 hero..sumer pun buah hati aunty :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

rhinitis allergy...

been quite sometime i didnt write in....reason coz, bz to the max + not feeling well for almost 2 months already...coughing + flu. it was really bad coz i hv to make sure that i'll hv 1 packet of black hacks as part of the throat does help even not too much. for flu...i need to have 1 bottle of nasal spray. i cant take any pills or cough syrup during the day or else i'll end up sleeping on my working desk :) my boss came asked me did i went to see a doc or not? i just smile. i have went for few times but the sickness is like on and can come and go a season. guess...he gave me a quotation for a new carpet to our office...he asked me to deal with the carpet vendor to proceed a.s.a.p to change the carpet in our office coz he's worried to see me having a long lasting flu. well the carpet here really need a change's not bcoz of me hahaha but the reason of me having a continuous flus does really make him realised tat no use to keep tis old dusty carpet.

i went to see a doc last 2 weeks. i just cant take it coz the cough + flu is getting worst. so i went with me mom...ya me mom will accompany me to see a doc everytime. yea i know tat in my age now i should go alone...but m really used to it :) btw this doc is a friend to our our family so it will be good if mom are with me as they can talk more compared to me :)

after he checked through.... he asked....ada kucing kat rumah? before i can answer, me mom already answer: ada tapi semua dekat luar. kita x bagi masuk. the doc just nodded. i just smile. then me mom continue: tapi doc, atas katil dia ni penuh dgn binatang2 (referring to my teddy bears)

i just sit still and smiling....sebenarnya malu...dalam hati....ala mom ni bocor rahsia pulak...and i can see the doc smiling.

doc: u got a rhinitis allergy which cant really cure but u can try to prevent. u'll got flu on and off and u'll need to use tat nasal spray.

hmmm he told me before about tis kind of allergy...but i never bother. for me it just normal. it's not like sinus...the symptoms is different. since tis time it is kinda i took the initiave to surf through the net to see in detail about rhinitis allergy. since i really need to get better as an initiave...i hv put away most of my teddy bears. the new huge mr bear now sleeping at the corner of the room. the other bears and creatures, i just put em away before i went to sleep.

the much better now. so i think...the bears....hmmm i cant even think to gv em away. for the time being...i'll keep them away from my bed when i'm sleeping...tats the best i can do...

so tis is part of the link of website for rhinitis allergy...for those who wants to know more...