Thursday, September 3, 2009

hari raya!

lama giler x blog...seriously x sempat :)

here i found last year pic taken during hari raya...

menu wajib....

my choc moist :)

nothing much during raya last year. terasa rindu kat arwah opah. slalu time raya dia la org yg paling sibuk masak lemang. penat camner pun sure lemang mesti jadik jugak. i really missed her...

tis year raya...may be we juz celebrate in kl. my dad still been warded....almost a month already. his condition was okay but his diabetics getting worst. i feel like going back to teluk intan for few days...even opah is not around but the feel to be together with the other relatives was great.

but raya is still matter where am i...the celebration will still go on...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

eppy burpday to me! :D

time ran so fast...feel like i just received my Baskin Robin ice cream cake yesterday...well m turn 33 tis year...what a sexy number hahaha even there is no birthday cake tis yr...but still it was a great day...because i like no 3 a lot...i received lots of wishes thru sms's & thru fb. great to know tat there are ppl who still remember ur big day. doesnt matter about the gift...coz the important things, the tot tat count!

but still...where got a birthday without a gift right hahaha since m so free...why not juz to show off what i got for my b'day hahaha

actually tis is a gift from client...not only for me...but for all staff. they were having an event a day before my b' tis is a goody bag for tat day. lucky me i got one...a new perfume, a heart key chain, a biotherm lipgloss-tis is so sexy hahaha and a 2 in 1 eye shadow + lipstick pallet...kewl huh :D

a coach bag...from my very best fren noren :)

a new spec from my sis...ya ya m wearing spec only at home hahaha used to wear contact lenses for outdoor coz i dont feel comfortable to wear specs...feel like something blocking my sight :) but tis pink color spec...i really like it...thanks akak :)

not a teddy bear...again...hahaha...i juz treat myself with my fav baskin robin ice cream. :)
no matter what i got for my bday...the important thing is...i'm thankful for having a great + healthy life. even there is ups and downs...but tats life. m glad to be surrounded by people who loves me & my life are great even m still single :) whatever it is...m glad tat i am what i am now...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mother's day

yahuu..makan time...

posing dulu before makan...

erra fazira (baju pink) tengah tapau

mama x suka org amek gambar dia :)

tengah concentrate...jgn kacau haha

Every yr we did celebrate a mother’s day. Normally juz keluar makan2 jer. Slalu my sis yg organized kat rumah dia…kitorang beli makanan then makan ramai2 kat rumah my sis. Tis yr I suggest makan kat restoran puteri ttdi. From our house pun x jauh tapi yang penting makanan dia tuh masakan ala2 kampung yang suits me mum well. Me mum ni bab makan mmg cerewet…sbb dia pandai masak kan so susah nak menepati citarasa dia klu makan kat luar hahaha pastu all fast food dia x makan…x bley telan…she alwiz make jokes saying tat she’s orang kampong x makan fast food…hehe..tats me mum.

Since menu kat restoran puteri tu banyak yg me mum suka…so tis yr we juz celebrate kat situ jer. Cam biasa lunch buffet so bley makan macam2. mmg kenyang giler. Masa makan tu jumpa lak erra fazira…dia tapau makanan. Restoran ni kan mmg restoran fav dia…dia nikah kat situ…buat kenduri cukur jambul amak dia pun kat situ gak. Kitorang pun suka gak makan kat sini. Makanan not bad + staff sini pun ok termasuk la anak rubiah suparman the owner…dia pun rajin layan pelanggan.

Since it’s a mother’s day…me mum dapat makan free…special for mother diorg x charge pun….bagus kan hehehe my nephews la yg paling suka…makan macam2. pastu dpt main dgn geng. Bukan senang nak kumpul ramai2 kan…so time camnie la we can expect semua orang free.

For me…m glad to have a mother like mama. Super strong women I have ever known. So many things happened to our family…but she still stood still. I penah tengok dia breakdown teruk lepas my adik accident about 6 yrs ago. I was there…I cant do anything. My sis also there. All of us was crying seeing her like tat. Our neighbors also was there…try to console us. But how to remain positive when it looks worst and we know it cant bring back our healthy little brother as before. He’s still alive but he wont be normal as he is before. At that time he still in comma. Mum was very sad and she could not even drink or eat at all. I remember when I accompany her at hospital…we will share 1 nasi bungkus…itu pun x habis. My very good fren, atang will make sure that he’ll come everyday and bring nasi bungkus for us. At least I know there are frens during hard time. Also to other frens who came to visits….it really gives positive spirit to us to embrace the reality of life.

All of the hard time and most of the time, I am glad that I was there with mum. I really thankful to Allah for giving me such a great mum. Even there are hard times where there are miscommunications or it just a bad hair day…but still she is the one who stood still beside me and support me in anything I do. A shopping fren…an arguing fren sometime haha…an outing fren…she is everything. Mum you rock! I love you mama!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

a trip to time :)

Hmmm lama giler dah x blog. Now kerja a bit crazy…sebabnya I kena buat keje sendiri…my previous asst dah resigned huhu. The 1 replacing her dah lama resign may be sbb x tahan I asek marah kot hahaha the 1 yg baru lepas bersalin ni pulak kena attack asma…kinda worst coz she have been admitted to the hospital a few time. So sbb x nak susah kan i…dia lepaskan jawatan dia so I can find a replacement. But for the time being…m back at doing 1 man show…sabar jer kan.

Sbb x elok stress kan I pun dah pegi cuti2 lagi…kali ni ke bandung. Mula2 nak ke sini sbb dengar org citer barang2 branded sana murah2…kebetulan flight pun ada promotion time tuh…so bandung here we go!

Tis time around I juz go with my childhood + present bestfren…noren….a strict gov officer…I mean it! Haha dah lama x pergi bercuti sama since dia pun dah kawen. But tis time she got a permission from her husband. Btw husband dia memang trust kat I sorang je so x susah la noren nak dapat license haha

We went on 8 of april. Sampai bandung dah ada supir yang tunggu. Noren dpt special treatment since she got a client there. Nak tergelak bila tgk mamat sorang ni pegang kayu ada tulis my name & noren…pn Yazmin plak tuh…sejak bila la i ada title puan hehehe 1st day sampai dah agak lewat sbb flight delay + airport kat sana baggage punyer hal punya la slow gila. So malam tu our supir bawak kitorang gi makan kat lisung….one of the famous restaurant atas bukit. Mmg sejuk…tempat dia pun best. Then after tat juz pusing2 around town.

the next day awal gile i bangun coz subuh pkl 4 dah masuk...pkl 6 dah terang benderang. nak x nak kena gak la bangun awal. breakfast kat hotel je since dah masuk dlm package. pkl 8 lebih kitorang dah gerak for shopping hehe tmp pertama kitorang pegi pasar baru. sini mmg giler la sbb banyak barang murah2 esp telekung. dlm ramai2 org tu ntah mcm mana i bley ternampak my cousin. actually noren la yg mula2 nampak...then dia kata mcm kenal. bila i pusing jer...terus gulp. jom lari hahaha. bukan apa my cousin mcm2 hal sket. noren pun tau sangat minah ni so kitorang pun kelam kabut melarikan diri hahaha i cant imagine kalau dia nampak tadi...abisla nanti plan kitorang sure dia nak ngimpit gak....kacau daun jer. nasib baik selamat hehehe. next destination pegi factory outlet supir yg bawak. x banyak beli lg sbb blum jumpa yg betul2 best. pastu balik hotel jap jamak zohor & asar then pegi lunch. since teringin nak makan baso, so supir pun bawak la gi makan kat restoran akung...antara yg famous dgn baso. mmg sedap...harga pun murah. punye la banyak dia bagi mmg x terhabis. tp mmg sampai hari ni i rindu baso akung :) pastu sempat lagi makan ice cream durian...mmg sedap sbb dia letak seulas durian dengan ice cream tu. pastu kitorang gi spa sbb sana murahkan. 2 jam urut baru rm30...sini mana nak dpt :) mmg lega giler la...sampai tetido haha

kuar spa je dah gelap padahal baru 6 lebih. so malam tu dah plan nak makan kat restoran daun. restoran ni kat atas bukit...memang sejuk. pastu yg special tu tempat makan diorg buat pondok2 kecik so more privacy. kat tepi pondok ada ala2 air terjun memang best sangat. rasa mcm makan kat tmp mahal :) kat sini member i kat bandung pun join sama. dia lecturer kat 1 of the klu tengok muka dia...xde muka cam lecturer...pastu dengan perangai dia yg gila2...juz imagine la camner student dia kan haha but he's kewl. yg kesian tu i tersilap bgtau nak jumpa kat resoran daun pisang...dia pun pegi cari kitorang xde hahaha silap daaa...mana tau ada gak restoran daun pisang kat situ. makanan kat situ not since orang belanja lagila sedap kan hahaha dpt souvenir plak tu...dodol garut...gredi's mum bagi special for me :)

the next day...kitorang pusing kat Jl Riau dgn Jl Dago. giler gak la tgk baju murah2. tp kena pandai pilih coz x sumer nampak kualiti...pastu size pun prob gak sbb sana xde yg klu XL tu besar sket dr size i. trasa cam i ni gemuk plak since susah nak dpt my size haha noren pun tension gak nak dpt size dia pun susah...last2 dia banyak borong baju untuk her daughter jer. tgh tu juz solat kat musolla dlm factory outlet. tp sana surau dlm factory outlet tu kan diorg x asing laki ke perempuan. kebetulan hari jumaat so surau kosong la. i pun solat cepat2 sbb cuak gak klu ada laki masuk. ptg tu kitorang pg spa noren la ni suka sangat gi spa. dia buat spa, i buat facial. x nak amek risk klu gi urut lagi kang takut sakit plak badan haha malam kitorang makan mcd je sbb banyak lagi tempat nak pusing. jalan2 kat Ciwalk..besar gak shopping area situ.

last day...gredi join kitorang since ari sabtu cuti kan. pegi pasar baru balik since nak beli brg yg x beli aritu. pastu pegi Jl Dago lagi...noren request. lunch kat ampera...kat sini dia masak organ dalaman je cam hati, limpa, perut, mcm2 ada haha b4 balik sempat lagi kitorang tapau Jco coz asal Jco mmg dari indon kan so special la sket tapau dari sana :)

ptg tu tiba2 je hujan lebat. cam tau je kitorang nak balik. flight pun delay patutnya pkl pkl 8 baru dpt naik. makcik2 yg dok kat kitorang asek usya kitorang punye jco...sbb masing2 lapar kitorang buat deq jer...mana boleh offer :)

alhamdullah sampai gak kat kl pkl 11. sampai rumah dah pkl 2 pagi sbb singgah rumah cousin kat putrajaya amek keta i yg parking kat sana. was a great trip. makan sumer best. hotel pun best even kalau nak kira sewa dia murah tp service sumer cam 5 star :) cuma kesian tgk diorg ramai yg miskin. tgk budak2 kecik yg mengemis, jual barang...kesian. pastu kat sana klu diorg tolong apa2 pun mmg kena hulur duit. even kat sana i jutawan haha tp kalau sumer pun kena pakai duit...jutawan pun kopak gak hehe but it was a great experience. it makes me appreciate life more. appreciate what i have here in malaysia :)

me + noren at lisung cafe

view at lisung...

kota bandung at the back...x nampak la gelap haha

take 5...sakit kaki :)

souvenir shop at restaurant daun...

even its piggy...still its cute :)

at the entrace of restaurant daun
noren with umar the supir

umar demonstrate cara2 nak panggil pelayan nak order makanan :) kena ketuk menda tu kalau nak panggil pelayan...

in front of the one factory outlet...
view from our hotel room...

lunch at ampera...
while waiting for the flight to go home...

seriously...gredi is a lecturer haha
umar...grad in mass comm...part time working as supir...
inilah model bandung haha

dodol garut from gredi's mum...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

me camping???

i wont miss my ice cream :)

ja'ie seram haha


with cousin & youngest aunty

antu donut...

yang kat blakang tuh sibuk gak nak enter frame :)


tis is our camping territory...

tis is where i sleep...

breakfast time...

muka x mandi pagi hahaha x sabar nak balik mandi :)

its going to be a long cny holiday for me since our office will be close for the whole week + monday another extra leave for the territory day. i did not plan for any vacation since during tis peak holiday season everything will be more expensive. i got text from aunty asking me to join them for camping. well normally for me camping is just we build a tent but we are not going to sleep in the tent since normally we going to rent any apt or chalet. but tis is no aunty said its going to be a real camping and we are going to sleep in the tent. since i never did tat before...i hv to take some time to think about it hahaha well its not going to be easy. sleeping is okay but the toilet thing where we are going to use the public toilet really make me feel uncomfortable. ya m really fussy about the toilet.

since the other cousins and aunty are confirmed to join the camping...i got no choice but to say yes. actually i did give an excuse earlier since i have already plan to meet my best friend noren on sunday. but i cant even say no to my aunty esp when she kep texting me asking about joining them. so at last i said yes but i have to rush back on sunday morning so tat at the same time i can fulfill my promise to meet noren. btw, its not tat easy to cancel the plan with noren. she really psycho me about my promises to meet her and at the same time she had plan to travel back from malacca juz to meet me. so how can i say no? psycho rite? hahaha well tis is part of my weaknesses...its not easy to say no when it comes to a relatives or any best friends. well i got another interesting story about best friend and i'll blog it soon.

as planned...we head to bagan lalang beach at selangor on saturday afternoon. it takes around 2 hours to reach the area. bagan lalang situated nearby to sepang and we can take the road heading to KLIA. there is an intersection just before the KLIA and from there it'll take around 30 min or less.

what surprised me when we reach there...there is a lot of tent along the beach area. we chose one nice area to built our own tent. uncle did bring 4 tent altogether...1 big tent and 3 medium size tent. the big tent will be shared by another aunty, 2 cousins + me. 1 medium will be share by another 2 cousins and another 1 for my aunty + uncle and another tent will be special tent for us to store our things.

well activity tat afternoon...i did try the 4 wheel beach drive (sorry i dont know whats the rite name haha) after my cousin begged me to accompany him (since the others are not interested haha). it cost rm15 for 1 big round and tis time my cousin who is juz 14 plead me to let him drive. lucky me all went well....and i did make noise asking him to drive slowly and he did listen to me :)

the distance from our camping area and the beach is not tat far...the scenery for me is great...just tat the place kinda full of ppl. m not interested to swim but juz play with the water. juz before maghrib, we went to one of the public toilet...lucky the toilet was ok even not so ok but it is better :) juz simply take a bath to refresh before we went for dinner. tat nite our choice for dinner is seafood restaurant. most of the restaurant kinda full so we need to wait before we can be seated. since everyone was hungry, we managed to clean all the food tat we ordered :)

after dinner, we did take a walk at the stalls along the road nearby our camping area. there are few stalls selling goodies and foods. oh ya, we didnt forget to bring our toothbrush and also facial soap coz we are going to stop by at the public toilet before heading back to our camp. everytime we need to enter the toilet, we need to pay either 30sen juz to pee or 80sen for taking bath haha i felt like a refugee or a 'setinggarrden' gal hahaha...well tis is a new experience for me.

so back at camp...its already midnite...but the place most happening our start around tis time. there is a small truck offering an open air karaoke with big screen and loud sound system. each song if not mistaken cost rm1. so here is the biggest open air karaoke is a disaster. if the singer is good...then should be ok...but most of them i think are worst than me hahaha ya u should hear how worst my singing is...and they sang until 5am. it was a good business anyway for the truck owner but it was a disaster nite for us.

i was so sleepy anyway, but still i cant really sleep becoz its kinda hot, the space didnt allowed me to move a lot and the karaoke sounds did not really put me to sleep. woke up around 6am, went for prayer then go for a walk along the beach. was great experience anyway. it makes me more pleased with what i have. it makes me realised tat m not one of the palestine refugee whose life is alwiz not as good as i am here in malaysia. even my life is juz an average but it is much much better. lesson...camping is juz not for fun but its time to appreciate life. besides it does makes our family relationship become stronger. so tis is not going to be my 1st and the last camping ever...ya m ready to go for camping again....may be tis time i might join the open air karaoke hahaha