Monday, April 21, 2008

new member in the family...

tall ~ around 140cm

weight ~ exactly 4 kg

color ~ golden brown

eyes ~ dark brown

tis is just only a general description of my new family member. i got tis huge creature from a dear friend when visiting spore in last jan :) actually tis creature was in my fren custodian if not mistaken around 2 years. when i asked my fren why didnt bring tis creature when coming to kl...since my fren was staying in fren kept saying tat tis cute creature wuz huge. ok...i accept the reason given....even sometime i felt it just a lame excuse...hahaha

since m going to spore and m going to meet my fren in i asked my fren to bring along tis creature so tat i can see how huge it wuz and m going to bring tat creature to kl by hook or by crook :D

well...out of my expectation of huge...the first time i saw tis teddy...oh my god! he's so huge! i wuz stunned. i heard my fren said...told ya! i can see my fren wuz smiling. ya ya i know i have been warned before but how am i going to predict tat it was tis huge? i never received any kind of huge teddy bear like tis.

since i am a macho matter what...will find out how am i going to bring tis bear to kl. m going back by now have to figure out how to wrapped tis creature hahaha so the day before i went back...we finally get an idea ( actually my fren idea :D ) how to wrap tis bear. we manage to wrap the bear by using 2 huge plastic bag and my fren did a small handle from folded plastic bag so tat i can easily carry the plastic bag fill with bear :) when i hold the handle...i have to pull my hand a bit up coz the bag can touch the ground....well it's going to be an adventurous journey back to kl hahaha

at the airport...check in time...i put the bear ont the it wuz 4 kg. the ticketing gal asked what wuz in the plastic bag...i try to answer as slow as i can...a bear...hahaha coz i dont want others to listen...oh ya my fren wuz there too...still bad...hahaha.

so i managed to bring the bear to my house safely. it wuz not tat easy...after came down from flight...i took bus to kl sentral...from kl sentral i took commuter to station near my house and from commuter station, mom pick me up by wuz really an experience...and when think back i just cant imagine how did i manage to bring him back :)

anyway...m so happy to have tis huge creature as my family member...even i know mom not really like it...ya since m old enough to still having so many can i refused tis cute huge creature :)

to a dear fren...thanx a lot for the precious gift! u did make me surprised! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

another phuket pics...

on the way for our 1st trip to the 7 islands...

waiting for the boat...

dah start pening :)

ready for snorkeling...

fish wuz fun!

my imported bodyguard...haha

i won't miss my ice cream time...

ready to go home...

tea time...while queuing to depart...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ipoh station antique cafe...

as the given name, this cafe memang antik giler. last weekend the whole family was invited to the opening of ipoh station antique cafe. belongs to my uncle and his wife. the location at taman bukit perdana puchong, nearby the taman bukit perdana police station.

sampai2 jer kat sana, ada pameran kereta antik dan motor antik dekat luar cafe. memang klasik giler :) 1st impression masuk jer cafe...memang rasa macam zaman 50an - 60an. kerusi makan dgn meja makan pun fesyen dulu2. 4 penjuru dinding ada tingkap + dinding kayu rumah lama yg memang uncle import khas from ipoh. then macam2 jenis barang antik dalam cafe tu. lagu pun diorg pasang lagu dulu2 nak bagi feel zaman dulu.

most of the items dalam cafe tu memang uncle import khas from ipoh since dekat ipoh yg banyak jual barang2 antik terpakai. soon he's going to open an antique gallery also at puchong area.

makanan hari tu memang sedap lagipun free kan hehehe but the feeling to be in the cafe was different. rasa macam back to the future pulak tengok all the decorations, furniture and fittings, pinggan mangkuk semuanya zaman opah dengan mama dulu2 :) me mom plak sonok dapat jumpa sedara mara yg lain yg lama tak jumpa. ramai jugak yg i x kenal coz dah dah ramai sangat pastu jarang tis is like a mini gathering.

anyway...i do enjoy the food, the scenary, the i do realised tat i really have a big family :)

me, acik & pakcik posing dalam cafe :)

abang muka kenyang kot ( abang muiz yg snap hehe)