Monday, October 29, 2007

rich dark chocolate cake...yummmy! :)

its a tradition tat every hari raya i'll bake a special cake since tis is my only expertise. forget about rendang or kuah kacang...coz i have mom as a good chef to worry about tat hehe. normally every yeary i will try a new recipe and frens who normally comin during the 1st day of hari raya going to be the cake tester...hehehe...yup tis is just like an experiment. so far they never claim anything...i'm so sure about it :D actually they also excited when talking about visiting my house on the 1st day of hari raya. they wont forget to ask...'so whats the special cake tis yr?' normally i'll answer....surpriseeeeee hehehe
tis yr i manage to bake a dark rich choc cake. the choc is so rich. to make it more tastier i have bought a hershey's cocoa powder. its quite expensive abut as long as the satisfaction guaranteed so i dont mind to spend more just for the cocoa powder :) to make it more chocolaty, i have sprinkle the grated chocolate cadbury on top on the cake.
as what u can see from the pic...the taste of chocolate...can easily gain weight hahaha but i am satisfied when everyone enjoyed it very much. frens...thanx for the compliments. i really appreciate tat. thanx for willingly be my cake tester...hehehe. for those making orders...thanx for adding some income for me. besides tis cake, i'm expert in oreo cheese cake, lemon cheese cake & chocolate carrot cheese cake. mom is the one who alwiz place an order on behalf of her fren. even the income is not tat much, but when ppl remember the taste, for me tats really paid off :)
for those who wanted to make an order...don't shy to contact me k ;) hahaha tis is a free way to market my product :D

Sunday, October 21, 2007

lelaki ini....

hmmmm....everytime when i look at his really makes me melt away...everytime when i heard his song...especially lelaki ini....i was like flown away :D hahaha ya ya i like anuar zain since i was 7 yrs old i guess...he was popular at tat time with his kain pelikat song duet with elina.
just look at him...lelaki idaman ini...he's so fresh...nice hairstyle :) hmmmm....i wish i had a chance to know him....
i pernah tengok dia perform masa juara lagu tahun bila x ingat la plak kat bukit jalil indoor stadium. noren's, my very best fren who working with utusan malaysia at tat time got a free ticket for the juara lagu rehearsal. gosh...he is so gorgeous! i was screaming like hell....anuar...anuar...anuar....hehehehe....noren who sit beside me was mumbling...dia nih dah giler kot...hehehe...who cares! i nak jerit jugak...even anuar cant hear me...if he can read tis...anuar...i lurve u hehehehe....

should i grow up.....

i have planned to go for few raya open house last saturday...unfortunately it was raining heavily. m stuck at home after office hour. i just went to ayu's house at nite around 8pm. she's one of the close buddy during college time...ex-housemate and also m close with her family. she threat me if i didnt go to her house...then she wont talk to me again...hahaha....i know m really an important guest :) she said even it's late i must still come as her door will be open for me anytime...see how important i am :)

m so happy to meet her & her family. been quite sometime i didnt meet her mom. her mom likes to ask me ayu's secret...which i will try my best to avoid from her when she start to ask tat hahaha almost 3 hours i was there. before i went home...suddenly ayu came to me with her hand full of things. the one tat attract my attention was tis huge teddy bear. tis mr teddy was soooo cute :D

she gave me the souvenir she bought from hanoi, choc cookies which is my fav and lastly....the cute mr bear for my belated birthday present. i was really surprised coz tis is 1st time eva i received such huge bear. she knew tat i like those creature very much :D

i'm so happy to bring mr bear home :D even i knew tat me mom wont really like it. she had suggested before for me to donate all of my lil creatures tat take 1/4 space of my room. i wont do tat coz every creatures has their own sentimental values :) actually all of it is a gift from family members and frens. they know i like to collect those thing and normally for my birthday i will received at least 1 new family member for my room :)

so here i am...standing in front of my bed...was thinking where should i put tis huge bear? :D sometimes i wonder...did they realise tat my age already hit # 30? most frens received a wedding gift but m still received a teddy bear :)

anyway...whatever it is...tis is me. i luv those gifts! i luv to see my bed full of lil cute things....even my bedsheet background is a cartoon character...who cares i've reach #30...coz i like it! tis is my valuable assets :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

abang muiz...

abang muiz...tats what he asked everyone in the family to call him. my brother's only child and he is very close to me. one fine saturday afternoon he called me:

abang muiz: ello aunty...petang ni aunty buat apa?

me: petang ni nak tengok tv kot...why?

abang muiz: kita rasa nak pergi tempat kuda la.

me: abang nak naik kuda ke? kalau nak naik kuda aunty kena call kawan aunty dulu.

abang muiz: hmmm...(thinking)....ala jom la kita pergi boleh kan aunty? (buat suara kesian hehehe)

me: ok...but i have to call uncle merven dulu....ok?

abang muiz: ok...nanti kita suruh papa kita hantar pergi rumah opah.

me: ok...tapi cepat sket tau...nanti kalau kuda tu diorg dah bagi makan nanti diorg x bagi naik...(not advisable to ride the horse after their meal time coz they tend not to be in the good mood...maklumla perut dah kenyang :D)

actually it's quite surprising tat he asked me to bring him to tat place. it just 5mins drive from my house...just nearby. the owner of the ranch and the owner's son is a fren of mine. actually i like to spend time there especially when m really stressed up. even the smell of the place was not tat nice but the scenery is great since i like horses...but m afraid of tat creature too haha

what surprised me when abang muiz asked me to bring him to tat place because he also afraid of horses. tats why when i asked him, r u wanna have a ride....he didnt really answer tat. so i really wanna see whether he already got tat courage to ride on tat day.

so after i called merven(the owner's son) he said they didnt feed all of their horses abang muiz can have his first ride today :)

as u can see from the picture above....tis cute lil pony was waiting for us. merven told us tat abang muiz can ride tis lil pony. so....i was standing there waiting patiently for abang muiz reaction. he was busy playing around chasing ducks and chickens ( tis place is like a mini zoo). since merven also were waiting for i have to ask him.

me: uncle merven tunggu ni...abang nak naik kuda ke tak?

abang muiz: sebenarnya kita datang sini nak main2 jer...kita tak nak naik kuda...

so tis is abang muiz...he still afraid of horse. even tis lil pony was friendly...he insists not to have a ride tat day. i dont know until when i can really see him has his first ride. so...i let him play around and took few shots of him with tis cute pony...

for merven...he never fail to entertain us. he asked me to join his riding class...he's the cikgu kuda hehehe...but...i just like abang muiz....m afraid of the horse hahaha

Thursday, October 18, 2007 the making :)

ni la muka bakal-bakal chef (ikram, ikmal & imran) notty betul hehehe
tis pic was taken a day before hari raya...i was busy baking a choc cake
and mom was busy with her rendang...tis 3 lil fella pun  sibuk jugak nak tolong. 
since both of us using apron...diorg pun nak pakai jugak...
so i have to alter semua apron tu so it'll look nice on em....
even actually not nice at all hahaha

rumah anak-anak yatim limpahan kasih,puchong

cute kan :) look at their face....they r soooo cute! so adorable! i got tis opportunity to visit them during last ramadhan. it's a company trip and tis is a great trip! it reminds me a lot how lucky i am to have my parents (especially mama), siblings and relatives around.

i met tis one cute lil gal...masa tu i fikir nak sign up untuk ambil anak angkat...i just have to pay RM300 monthly then i can visit her anytime. masa tu i x fikir pasal responsibility....mana cukup bagi rm300 sebulan. i have to give her morale support in other way too. but just look at their can simply make me cry.

masa nak balik....yang ni lagi sedih...sorang2 datang salam cium tangan i then i suruh diorg give me a kiss on my cheek. all of em did tat...selalunya i'll ask my nephews to do tat.... now is their turn. rasa sayu sangat....even ada yang kesat pipi sebab my lipstick dah melekat kat pipi diorg :)

bila i jalan je nak balik...semua jerit....buh-bye.....uwaaaa....sedihnyer

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sekolah menengah taman ehsan

high school re-union....tis idea pop-up when the normal faces came to my house during hari raya few years back. tis time a bit different coz one of our buddy just came back from UK after completin his studies. guess what...tis blurrr macha (which now more fairer compared during high school heheh) cant even remember me. he just simply follow the other geng who's coming to my house every 1st day of hari raya...yup the same faces comin almost every year. i really appreciate it guys coz tis is the only day tat we can easily gathered and to share new stories plus the old skool stories...hahaha yes it is funny especially when most of the guys ( we are kamceng now) was so shy to approach me before + they not even bother to look at me. i know i know...i was not tat pretty tat can attract any attention, m like to dress up like a tomboy....hahaha yup tat me. mama was so worried about me tat time coz i refused to wear those skirts or gowns tat she bought for me. i'll choose a levi's jeans with simple t plus a caterpillar boot shoes...hahaha....when think tat a real could me wearing such tat looks so....hahaha....ya ya now m good in wearing a lady thing...even not so lady like since tat tom-boyish style r still here stuck in me...but it does pleased my mama a lot :D

okay back to high school during tat hari raya celebration we came up with the idea to gather most of the ex-smte yr 1993 after 13 years we left school plus in celebration of us moving to the number of 30...scary man...still feel tat m in early 20s :D then we have formed a reunion committee. tat sounds so kewl when they chose me to be part of em plus m the only gal to join the committee earlier coz there's another gal came in later. but the not so-best part is....when they chose me to be a secretary. ya ya now they all bully me...since m the only gal, since they knew tat i used to work in maicsa (the malaysian institute of chartered secretaries malaysia), since they knew i do have tat gals touch which is patient in writing (am i? not really...haha) so i have no choice but to start taking minutes during our meeting. our normal meeting place is at san fransisco coffee house, mid valley....coz my previous office was there so the guys decide to meet there to make life easier for me...dont u think they sweet? hehehe the meeting always end up very late....then we going for late dinner...but they have to make sure i can reach home before 12 midnite....coz tis malay cinderella need to be at home before 12 or else she will turn up became an ugly witch hahaha well actually i want to avoid receiving call from my mama asking me where am i or in sarcastic way " tak nak balik ke?" tats why i wanna avoid to hear tat...i know she's worried even m a big gal now.

it was great to be part of the committee. i learn a lot from them...most of em are engineers and there's one pharmacist, two accountant (including me :D), top marketing  and also IT expert. what i still see in them...they r not really grown up yet or refused to hehehe...they also r not married yet same like i wont feel like m the only one who still single :D

the reunion day was great...all are according to plans...even there's lil bit lack here and there but does paid off all of the nights tat we stayed at san frans coffee's very tiring. even we didnt manage to contact all of the bacth 93 since we dont have their contact number....but we r glad tat most of our teachers do came during tat day including the present headmistress...the support they gave r great!

here i would like to share the video taken by was simple yet very interesting ( for me la :D) coz i dont know when we can sit and chat like tis again......i miss u guys!

hahaha very surprising....before tis i kept on reading others blog...then i decided, why not me having my own blog? hmmm i have few stories....errr a lot actually :D to be shared...i wanna be a storyteller actually....having my own books some sort like a novel or a book for kids or witchcraft malaysian version....hehehe....well i like all the cute lil story things or the story with a happy ending or a story where a gal can simply have their dream guy....which i'm still on search of mine...huhuhu...where is he hiding anyway....please come out now...will ya :D well i have lots of pictures also to be shared....considered a lot coz i have a bunch group of buddies who like taking i'll make sure tat i'll be the extras in every snap they shoot :D

i hope u'll enjoy reading me blog ok....have fun!