Saturday, January 31, 2009

me camping???

i wont miss my ice cream :)

ja'ie seram haha


with cousin & youngest aunty

antu donut...

yang kat blakang tuh sibuk gak nak enter frame :)


tis is our camping territory...

tis is where i sleep...

breakfast time...

muka x mandi pagi hahaha x sabar nak balik mandi :)

its going to be a long cny holiday for me since our office will be close for the whole week + monday another extra leave for the territory day. i did not plan for any vacation since during tis peak holiday season everything will be more expensive. i got text from aunty asking me to join them for camping. well normally for me camping is just we build a tent but we are not going to sleep in the tent since normally we going to rent any apt or chalet. but tis is no aunty said its going to be a real camping and we are going to sleep in the tent. since i never did tat before...i hv to take some time to think about it hahaha well its not going to be easy. sleeping is okay but the toilet thing where we are going to use the public toilet really make me feel uncomfortable. ya m really fussy about the toilet.

since the other cousins and aunty are confirmed to join the camping...i got no choice but to say yes. actually i did give an excuse earlier since i have already plan to meet my best friend noren on sunday. but i cant even say no to my aunty esp when she kep texting me asking about joining them. so at last i said yes but i have to rush back on sunday morning so tat at the same time i can fulfill my promise to meet noren. btw, its not tat easy to cancel the plan with noren. she really psycho me about my promises to meet her and at the same time she had plan to travel back from malacca juz to meet me. so how can i say no? psycho rite? hahaha well tis is part of my weaknesses...its not easy to say no when it comes to a relatives or any best friends. well i got another interesting story about best friend and i'll blog it soon.

as planned...we head to bagan lalang beach at selangor on saturday afternoon. it takes around 2 hours to reach the area. bagan lalang situated nearby to sepang and we can take the road heading to KLIA. there is an intersection just before the KLIA and from there it'll take around 30 min or less.

what surprised me when we reach there...there is a lot of tent along the beach area. we chose one nice area to built our own tent. uncle did bring 4 tent altogether...1 big tent and 3 medium size tent. the big tent will be shared by another aunty, 2 cousins + me. 1 medium will be share by another 2 cousins and another 1 for my aunty + uncle and another tent will be special tent for us to store our things.

well activity tat afternoon...i did try the 4 wheel beach drive (sorry i dont know whats the rite name haha) after my cousin begged me to accompany him (since the others are not interested haha). it cost rm15 for 1 big round and tis time my cousin who is juz 14 plead me to let him drive. lucky me all went well....and i did make noise asking him to drive slowly and he did listen to me :)

the distance from our camping area and the beach is not tat far...the scenery for me is great...just tat the place kinda full of ppl. m not interested to swim but juz play with the water. juz before maghrib, we went to one of the public toilet...lucky the toilet was ok even not so ok but it is better :) juz simply take a bath to refresh before we went for dinner. tat nite our choice for dinner is seafood restaurant. most of the restaurant kinda full so we need to wait before we can be seated. since everyone was hungry, we managed to clean all the food tat we ordered :)

after dinner, we did take a walk at the stalls along the road nearby our camping area. there are few stalls selling goodies and foods. oh ya, we didnt forget to bring our toothbrush and also facial soap coz we are going to stop by at the public toilet before heading back to our camp. everytime we need to enter the toilet, we need to pay either 30sen juz to pee or 80sen for taking bath haha i felt like a refugee or a 'setinggarrden' gal hahaha...well tis is a new experience for me.

so back at camp...its already midnite...but the place most happening our start around tis time. there is a small truck offering an open air karaoke with big screen and loud sound system. each song if not mistaken cost rm1. so here is the biggest open air karaoke is a disaster. if the singer is good...then should be ok...but most of them i think are worst than me hahaha ya u should hear how worst my singing is...and they sang until 5am. it was a good business anyway for the truck owner but it was a disaster nite for us.

i was so sleepy anyway, but still i cant really sleep becoz its kinda hot, the space didnt allowed me to move a lot and the karaoke sounds did not really put me to sleep. woke up around 6am, went for prayer then go for a walk along the beach. was great experience anyway. it makes me more pleased with what i have. it makes me realised tat m not one of the palestine refugee whose life is alwiz not as good as i am here in malaysia. even my life is juz an average but it is much much better. lesson...camping is juz not for fun but its time to appreciate life. besides it does makes our family relationship become stronger. so tis is not going to be my 1st and the last camping ever...ya m ready to go for camping again....may be tis time i might join the open air karaoke hahaha


NoN RiBuT said...

AdUH NoN, suPiR nYa HaNDsoMe... ekeke

yazmin said...

erk...macam kenal jer minah nih? hehehehe a'a supirnya mmg handsome...i hv his no...mana tau nak ke bandung x lama lagi...nak ker? :D