Thursday, July 9, 2009

eppy burpday to me! :D

time ran so fast...feel like i just received my Baskin Robin ice cream cake yesterday...well m turn 33 tis year...what a sexy number hahaha even there is no birthday cake tis yr...but still it was a great day...because i like no 3 a lot...i received lots of wishes thru sms's & thru fb. great to know tat there are ppl who still remember ur big day. doesnt matter about the gift...coz the important things, the tot tat count!

but still...where got a birthday without a gift right hahaha since m so free...why not juz to show off what i got for my b'day hahaha

actually tis is a gift from client...not only for me...but for all staff. they were having an event a day before my b' tis is a goody bag for tat day. lucky me i got one...a new perfume, a heart key chain, a biotherm lipgloss-tis is so sexy hahaha and a 2 in 1 eye shadow + lipstick pallet...kewl huh :D

a coach bag...from my very best fren noren :)

a new spec from my sis...ya ya m wearing spec only at home hahaha used to wear contact lenses for outdoor coz i dont feel comfortable to wear specs...feel like something blocking my sight :) but tis pink color spec...i really like it...thanks akak :)

not a teddy bear...again...hahaha...i juz treat myself with my fav baskin robin ice cream. :)
no matter what i got for my bday...the important thing is...i'm thankful for having a great + healthy life. even there is ups and downs...but tats life. m glad to be surrounded by people who loves me & my life are great even m still single :) whatever it is...m glad tat i am what i am now...


FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy belated besday my friend..hadiah ko nanti aku balik msia bagi heheheh

yan said...

happy belated birthday beb :)
sorry la lupa nak wish kat ko...