Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mother's day

yahuu..makan time...

posing dulu before makan...

erra fazira (baju pink) tengah tapau

mama x suka org amek gambar dia :)

tengah concentrate...jgn kacau haha

Every yr we did celebrate a mother’s day. Normally juz keluar makan2 jer. Slalu my sis yg organized kat rumah dia…kitorang beli makanan then makan ramai2 kat rumah my sis. Tis yr I suggest makan kat restoran puteri ttdi. From our house pun x jauh tapi yang penting makanan dia tuh masakan ala2 kampung yang suits me mum well. Me mum ni bab makan mmg cerewet…sbb dia pandai masak kan so susah nak menepati citarasa dia klu makan kat luar hahaha pastu all fast food dia x makan…x bley telan…she alwiz make jokes saying tat she’s orang kampong x makan fast food…hehe..tats me mum.

Since menu kat restoran puteri tu banyak yg me mum suka…so tis yr we juz celebrate kat situ jer. Cam biasa lunch buffet so bley makan macam2. mmg kenyang giler. Masa makan tu jumpa lak erra fazira…dia tapau makanan. Restoran ni kan mmg restoran fav dia…dia nikah kat situ…buat kenduri cukur jambul amak dia pun kat situ gak. Kitorang pun suka gak makan kat sini. Makanan not bad + staff sini pun ok termasuk la anak rubiah suparman the owner…dia pun rajin layan pelanggan.

Since it’s a mother’s day…me mum dapat makan free…special for mother diorg x charge pun….bagus kan hehehe my nephews la yg paling suka…makan macam2. pastu dpt main dgn geng. Bukan senang nak kumpul ramai2 kan…so time camnie la we can expect semua orang free.

For me…m glad to have a mother like mama. Super strong women I have ever known. So many things happened to our family…but she still stood still. I penah tengok dia breakdown teruk lepas my adik accident about 6 yrs ago. I was there…I cant do anything. My sis also there. All of us was crying seeing her like tat. Our neighbors also was there…try to console us. But how to remain positive when it looks worst and we know it cant bring back our healthy little brother as before. He’s still alive but he wont be normal as he is before. At that time he still in comma. Mum was very sad and she could not even drink or eat at all. I remember when I accompany her at hospital…we will share 1 nasi bungkus…itu pun x habis. My very good fren, atang will make sure that he’ll come everyday and bring nasi bungkus for us. At least I know there are frens during hard time. Also to other frens who came to visits….it really gives positive spirit to us to embrace the reality of life.

All of the hard time and most of the time, I am glad that I was there with mum. I really thankful to Allah for giving me such a great mum. Even there are hard times where there are miscommunications or it just a bad hair day…but still she is the one who stood still beside me and support me in anything I do. A shopping fren…an arguing fren sometime haha…an outing fren…she is everything. Mum you rock! I love you mama!


FiDa@aMiDa said...

salam meen

lama benor ko tak update blog ya hehehhe..happy mother's day to your mum too

p/s adik yg mana satu accident tu?

yazmin said...

hmmm x sempat nak update la fida...ada mcm2 citer tp time very limited :(

happy mother's day to u too! :)

p/s: adik aku kan sorang jer...